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As youth leaders, we almost always find ourselves in need of some level of funding for our programs and projects. What a tragedy it is, to not be able to do a worthy project or ministry for lack of adequate financing. We are always challenged to find interesting and effective ways to raise the money we need to carry on our ministries.

Some ministries have enough financial backing from thier church, other organizations, or individuals to carry out their program, while others struggle at every turn. We at XYR have experienced our own ups and downs when it comes to funding, so we understand what many of you are facing. In an attempt to assist you in your fundraising efforts, we are providing some ideas for projects and events that have proven successful for us in the past.

Some programs work better in different areas, or at different times, and it is often a real challenge to find the right thing for your group. The following are some specifics to keep in mind when planning for fundraising projects:

  • Consider the climate and time of year as it relates to your project.
  • Consider the cost (if any) of conducting your fundraiser. (seek donations from church members, friends, or community organizations for supplies that you may need)
  • Consider the facilities that are available to you, or that could be made available. (businesses or other community organizations may be willing to let you use their property for certain projects)
  • And this is very important! Make sure that the young people in your group are involved in the project from start to finish. If the leaders do all the work, the youth will learn nothing of the value of a dollar, work ethic in earning their way, and the importance of team work in reaching a goal. When they donate the money to a worthy cause or benefit from it through a program funded by their efforts, it will mean much more to them, and will build their character and appreciation of those working every day to provide for them.
  • And of course, MAKE IT FUN!

For more information, or to submit your own fundraising ideas to XYR for possible publication, please feel free to contact our Fundraising Division.

May God bless you in your efforts to fund your ministries so that you may have the tools you need to lead our young people into a real experience with Christ.

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